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What We Are All About:

I started BodyByDathonie because I  understand the importance of fitness in our lives. For over a decade I have helped people meet their fitness goals. I know first hand the challenges involved in taking the first steps towards starting a fitness routine. Often times, we get so busy with work and family that it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves.

At BodybyDathonie we strive to ensure that every program we offer and every decision we make contributes to our goal of unparalleled customer satisfaction.  Our certified Life Stylist and  Wellness staff are here to guide you step by step to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

At BodybyDathonie you will be met with a smile. A Life stylist will help you develop your fitness goals and programs. You are our top priority . So what are you waiting for? Make today the day you take your first step towards feeling better and looking better!
 Dathonie Pinto, Founder & CEO

What Can Personal Training Do For You?

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their fitness, nutrition, and weight loss goals. Once you reach your goals we can help you maintain optimal  health.

We will help you feel good about that body you see in the mirror, prepare for an athletic event, recover from an injury or boost you to the next level of fitness. Whatever your fitness goal,Dathonie's LifeStylists are the best trainers available. Each Personal Trainer is hand-picked for interpersonal skills, a motivating personality and a dedication to providing fitness excellence to each  client.

 Call us if you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your health, our professional Life Stylist can help you make it happen.

 With many different types of packages and specialized training options available, BodyByDathonie has something to fit everyone’s needs.

For people with limited time to work out, enjoy our 30-minute express personal training sessions and do an hour-long workout session in half the time. BodyByDathonie also offers special training for older exercisers, marathon runners, and for those new to fitness.

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